welcome to Assessment test

Please Read and follow given guidelines during your Assessment test

Not following guidelines may cause your test to be rejected.

1.Before writing

Before writing, you must draw the lines with a pencil on an A4 plain sheet.

  1. Maintain a gap of 1.00 cm between two lines and create a border on each side by leaving a margin of 1.5 cm.

2.While writing

  1. Use a blue or black ballpoint pen for writing.
  2. Measure the time it takes to write each paragraph.
  3. Maintain non-cursive handwriting with each letter separated from the others.
  4. Every word must start with a capital letter.
  5. Headings must be in capitals, underlined, and start on a new line. Ensure your writing is neat and legible.

3.After writing

  1. Write down the timing on the sheet.
  2. Take a clear picture of your handwritten file and convert it to PDF.
  3. Upload the file in the upload section.
Please use same Email id which you have used in your application form.

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
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